Create an MST file via Orca


This tutorial is for creating and editing Splashtop Streamer Installer MST file.

(video: Link)

 1. You will need to install Orca, which is the tool for editing MSI files. (

2. Download a fresh Streamer Installer .MSI.

3. Open MSI file location, right click Streamer, select "Edit with Orca"

4. Navigate to Property Tab and edit the following:

  • Edit DCODE value to your deployment code
  • Add Row with property of "USERINFO" and value of parameters you want to deploy with the streamer, e.g., hidewindow=1,confirm_d=0.


5. Go to Transform, then select Generate Transform to complete the mst creation

6. Now you can deploy with MSI and MST files (Instructions:

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