Deploy using Group Policy with MSI and MST files

This tutorial is for deploying using GP with MSI and MST files. You can follow the article Create an MST file via Orca tool to create MST file before deploying. 

(Tutorial Video: Link)

On the host server you set up Group policy

  1. On the Group Policy Management Editor, add a new Package.
  1. After selecting the streamer MSI file, go to Advanced.
  1. Go to Deployment tab/Advanced, select Ignore language when deploying this package.
  1. Go to Modifications tab to add the mst file you just created.

On the devices you want to deploy the streamer

  1. open CMD, insert the command "gpupdate /force" then enter.
  2. Reboot the computer. (Required)
  3. After system reboot, the streamer should have been deployed. 
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