Quick glance on accessing Android devices


In addition to remote control of PC and Mac, remote access to Android devices and remote control of certain Android platforms is now available with certain Splashtop plans. You can remote control the Android devices to help Android users configure their devices or train users on how to use them. 

1. Products with remote access to Android devices

1.1 Splashtop On-Demand Support

Splashtop On-Demand Support (SOS) provides attended remote support solutions for help desks and support technicians.

Now Splashtop On-Demand Support includes free Mobile Add-on pack for remote accessing mobile devices, including iOS and Android devices

Visit product page to learn more: https://www.splashtop.com/sos


1.2 Splashtop Remote Support Premium

Splashtop Remote Support provides unattended remote support solutions for MSPs and IT for unattended remote support scenarios. 

Now access to unattended Android devices is supported by Splashtop Remote Support premium. 

Visit product page to learn more: https://www.splashtop.com/remote-support


2. Features

With both Splashtop On-Demand Support and Splashtop Remote Support, you can: 

  • Remote view the Android device's screen from Splashtop Business client
  • Remote control is supported on some selected devices/vendors, refer to this page for more detail
  • Remote file upload and download from/to the Android devices


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