Mac Deployment via Kaseya


You can deploy Splashtop Streamer to Macs via Kaseya MDM. Here are the instructions below:

1. Download the attached files below.

2. Log into Kaseya and select Agent Procedures > Manage Procedures > Schedule / Create > Right click "Shared" folder > Create New Folder > Name the folder "Splashtop Deploy"


3.  Right click the newly made "Splashtop Deploy" folder > Manage Files > Shared Files 


4.  Create a new folder called "Splashtop" and upload "" and "SplashtopStreamer.dmg" into the newly created "Splashtop" folder.

(You can also get the latest version of Mac Streamer on  Do note you will need to rename the .dmg to "SplashtopStreamer.dmg" before uploading)


5.  Go back and right click the "Shared" folder again and select "Import Folder / Procedures"


6.  Select the upload icon, select "Procedure Splashtop - Deploy OS X with Prompt", and save


7.  Select newly created procedure and select which computers to deploy to and select Run Now


8. Enter your deployment code from and select "Submit"




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