Mac Deployment via Kaseya

You can deploy Splashtop Streamer to Macs via Kaseya MDM. Here are the instructions below:

1. Download the attached files below.

2. Log into Kaseya and select Agent Procedures > Manage Procedures > Schedule / Create > Right click "Shared" folder > Create New Folder > Name the folder "Splashtop Deploy"


3.  Right click the newly made "Splashtop Deploy" folder > Manage Files > Shared Files 


4.  Create a new folder called "Splashtop" and upload "" and "SplashtopStreamer.dmg" into the newly created "Splashtop" folder.

(You can also get the latest version of Mac Streamer on (  Do note you will need to rename the .dmg to "SplashtopStreamer.dmg" before uploading)


5.  Go back and right click the "Shared" folder again and select "Import Folder / Procedures"


6.  Select the upload icon, select "Procedure Splashtop - Deploy OS X with Prompt", and save


7.  Select newly created procedure and select which computers to deploy to and select Run Now


8. Enter your deployment code from ( and select "Submit"




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