Deploy using Microsoft Intune with MSI file

This tutorial is for deploying using Microsoft Intune with MSI installer. 

(Thanks to one of our valued users, "Marten", for sharing! )

Download MSI installer from /

  1. On /, download MSI installer. You can go to Management / Deployment, create or select an existing deployment package, click Deploy.
  2. On Option 2 block, select the Deploy by 12-digit code MSI file from the dropdown list
    *Do NOT use the Easy Deployment package, it will not deploy correctly.

Add an app on Microsoft Intune

  1. On Microsoft Intune, select Client Apps.
  2. On Client Apps page, Select Apps then Add, add a Line-of-business app.
  3. Click Select app package file, then select the downloaded Deploy by 12-digit code MSI file from /
  4. Fill in the required fields by your needs, but make sure:
    a. Set Ignore app version: Yes

         b. Set Command-line arguments/norestart /qn USERINFO="dcode=your_code,hidewindow=1,confirm_d=0"

That's it! You can assign which users/groups to deploy the app created above.

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