Deploy using Microsoft Intune with MSI file


This tutorial is for deploying using Microsoft Intune with MSI installer. 

(Thanks to one of our valued users, "Marten", for sharing! )

Download MSI installer from /

  1. On /, download MSI installer. You can go to Management / Deployment, create or select an existing deployment package, click Deploy.
  2. On Option 2 block, select the easy deployment MSI file from the dropdown list.Snag_698847d8.png

Add an app on Microsoft Intune

  1. On Microsoft Intune, select Client Apps.
  2. On Client Apps page, Select Apps then Add, add a Line-of-business app.
  3. Click Select app package file, then select the downloaded easy deployment MSI file from /
  4. Fill in the required fields by your needs, but make sure:
    a. Set Ignore app version: Yesb. Set Command-line arguments/norestart /qn USERINFO="hidewindow=1,confirm_d=0"

That's it! You can assign which users/groups to deploy the app created above.

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