How can I enable Performance Enhancement feature?

Please note that with 3520+ performance enhancement is automatically enabled. More details can be found here: Performance Options.

Setup Instructions 

The performance enhancement is available to limited users and services at this time.  It is still in the early testing phase.  Once the Performance Enhancement has been enabled for your Splashtop team, 

  1. Download the latest Business App and Splashtop Streamer (v3.4.8.4+; v3.5.0.10+ for Android) for your local and remote computers at 
    • In Session Toolbar Quality Options 
      • Ultra High Frame Rate option allows for up to 60 FPS 
      • Quality Options (Best Quality, Best Speed) allow for optimized video content and smoothness, even under non-optimal network conditions 
    • Check the Performance Indicator option to be enable viewing info such as FPS, bitrate, etc during a remote session 
  2.  Start a remote session and click the View Options icon to select the new settings. Remember that the Splashtop Streamer on the remote computer must be updated to v3.4.6.0 or newer. 
    • Frame Rate Options (max value) 
      • Ultra High = 60 FPS 
      • High = 30 FPS 
      • Medium = 15 FPS 
      • Low = 8 FPS
    • Quality Options
      • Original =  Default
      • Best Quality = for best visual quality 
      • Best Speed = for best responsiveness 
    • Performance Status - enable to view the real-time status window 
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