Splashtop Enterprise Tutorial - Starting a session


This feature is included in Splashtop Enterprise.

Available to: Team Owner, Admin, Group Admin, Member.

This tutorial will guide you on how to start a Splashtop Session with a few simple clicks, after setting up your machines. If you first need help setting up your machines, please visit the Installation Instructions.

How to start an Unattended Session?

Unattended sessions can be started from within the Splashtop Business application. Or directly from the Splashtop web console.

Launch the Splashtop Business application, installed on the computer you are connecting from. Simply double-click on the computer you would like to connect, if the computer is online and available.


To toggle between the Computer list and Scheduled Access list click on the list icon near the top-right corner. The Schedule Access list will show your available schedules.


Additionally, you can also start a Splashtop Session to your computer from the Splashtop web console. This option requires you to have Splashtop Business application installed on your device.
(my.splashtop.com / my.splashtop.eu > Computers)


For more details about How to connect from the Splashtop web console?, please visit here.

How to start an Attended Session?

Requires to have at least one Technician license under your current Enterprise plan, and the user should be granted "attended access" by the account's Owner or Admin. For more information please visit Granular control settings.


Attended sessions are started from within the Splashtop Business application. Launch the Splashtop Business app, and click on the SOS icon near the top-right corner.


After clicking on the SOS icon, ask the user at the computer on the other end to provide the 9-digit code, type in the code and connect.


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