Attended Support & Service Desk

Splashtop Enterprise offers advanced capabilities to improve the support workflow for both individual technicians and service desk teams to deliver a better end-user experience.

Technicians can connect to any unmanaged Windows, Mac, Android, IOS or Chromebook to assist an end user at the device. There are multiple ways to establish an attended support session.

These features are available with Splashtop Enterprise Technician licenses.

Splashtop SOS - Connect via 9-digit code

Individual technicians or small teams can use Splashtop SOS for quick ad-hoc attended sessions. The end user simply runs the SOS app and provides the technician a 9-digit code to connect.

  1. Direct your end user to / to download the Splashtop SOS app.
  2. Once they run and launch the downloaded file, have them give you the 9-digit code shown in the app.

  3. From the Splashtop Business App, click the SOS icon and enter the 9-digit code to connect.

Here are some additional functionalities that are helpful to know for an attended session:


Service Desk

Helpdesk teams can use Service Desk to efficiently manage their technicians' workflows. Channels route support sessions to the appropriate technicians while the support queue allows teams to view session status, collaborate, and transfer between technicians.


The Service Desk console can be found at / > Service Desk, or by clicking the Service Desk icon in the Business App:


Channels - Team Management & Routing

IT managers can create different channels to segment technicians into groups and determine support session routing. Channels can be created based on a variety of different criteria such as technician expertise, departmental functions and more.

In addition to general channel settings, you can also assign roles and privileges to individual technicians and groups that are assigned to the channel. A technician can be assigned to multiple channels.


To create and manage channels, go to / > Management > Channels.

Creating a Support Session - Session Link, 6-digit PIN, SOS Call, Webform
There are multiple ways to create a Service Desk support session. The best-fit method depends on your team's workflow and available contact channels with end users.


Session Invitation Link

Create a support session and share the app download link with the end user.
May be best utilized when technician is already in contact with end user via chat, email, or ticket.


6-digit PIN Code

Create a support session and direct the end user to go to and enter the 6-digit code.
May be best utilized when technician is in on a phone call with the end user.


SOS Call

Create an SOS Call app and share the link or save the app on an end user's desktop.
Whenever they need support, they can run the app and submit a request. The support session will be added to the Service Desk queue automatically.


Check out this article for more details and instructions.


Create a custom web support form and embed the provided HTML code onto your website. Custom form field values will be saved in logs for reporting.
When end users need support, they can go to your support website, submit the form, and run the SOS app. The support session will be added to the Service Desk queue automatically.


Check out this article for more details and instructions.

Post-session Surveys
Configure a post-session survey to collect feedback from end users. Customize questions with different types of fields to gauge issue resolution, technician performance and more. Each channel can be assigned a specific survey with a sampling rate.


The survey opens in a new web browser tab once the end user closes the SOS app.



Admins can view survey responses and reporting at / > Logs > Reports.

Check out this article for more details and instructions.

Click here to view all Service Desk resources.


Additional Features

SOS Custom Branding

Customize the SOS app with your organization's logo and colors to provide a more seamless experience for your end users. You can also configure the app's default settings, instructions and disclaimer. Custom SOS apps can be created for both regular SOS sessions and Service Desk support sessions.



There are multiple ways to utilize the customized SOS app depending on how you prefer to communicate with your end users.

  • Share the download link on your website or send it to your end users.
  • Download the app and host it on your website.
  • Embed the provided iFrame code onto your website

Check out this article for more details and instructions.

PSA Ticketing & ITSM Integrations

Splashtop SOS integrates with leading PSA ticketing and ITSM solutions to improve issue resolution time by creating and launching a remote support session from within your support ticket.

How to Set Up API Keys for Third-party Integration

The following integrations are available for Splashtop Enterprise:

Want to integrate with your own custom or internal application? Check out our Open APIs.

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