Additional Enterprise Features

These additional advanced features are also available in Splashtop Enterprise.
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Splashtop Augmented Reality

Technicians can remotely assist on-site workers through live camera sharing, AR annotations and voice call through IOS and Android mobile devices.

  • Support multiple off-site locations and decrease truck rolls
  • Empower non-technical, on-site personnel to fix problems or help apprentices in the field
  • Reduce downtime and resolve issues with interactive annotations


Check out this article for more details and instructions.

Splashtop Connector
Splashtop Connector lets users connect to Windows, Mac, and Linux endpoints from the Business App using RDP or VNC, eliminating the need for a VPN or separate RDP/VNC client.




  • Users don’t need a VPN connection or to be connected to the same network to access a computer.
  • IT admins can remotely support computers on internal networks that may not have internet access or not allow a 3rd party app to be installed for remote access.
  • Multiple concurrent users can connect to the same computer and have their own individual desktop sessions with RDS/terminal servers.
  • Users can access only a specific program remotely rather than connecting to a full remote desktop with RDS/terminal servers.


Check out this article for more details and instructions.
IP Whitelisting
Configure a whitelist of IP addresses that will be allowed to log into the Splashtop web console or Business App to prevent unauthorized access and increase security.




Check out this article for more details and instructions.
SIEM Integration
Admins can export their Splashtop team's history and session logs to their preferred SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) software for further analysis. 



Currently, only Push mode is supported. In-depth guides are available for Splunk and Sumo Logic, but the tool can also be used with other SIEMs or custom servers if provided with the required parameters.

Check out this article for more details and instructions.
Centralized Session Recording
By default, session recordings are saved locally on the "connect-from" computer. However, admins may prefer their users' sessions to be saved centrally in one location for security and auditing purposes.

Centralized Session Recording enforces recording on all remote sessions, saves the recording files on Splashtop's cloud servers, and can be played back or downloaded via the web console for training and auditing for up to 90 days.



Check out this article for more details and instructions.
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