Manual Uninstall and Reinstall of Splashtop Applications (Business App and Streamer App)

There may be situations where you may need to manually uninstall and reinstall either or both our Business and Streamer applications. Shown below are possible list of reasons you may want to consider doing so.


Business Application:

- Entering login credentials and seeing an endless spinning loading circle

- Unable to open the Business App entirely

- Settings and features are not working

- Business App is freezing


Streamer Application:

- Streamer App is online but unable to establish a remote connection

- Unable to open the Streamer App entirely

- Settings and features are not working

- Streamer App is freezing


** If any of these scenarios apply to you, please follow the directions below for tips on uninstalling and reinstalling **


Business Application:



Please refer to the link below to run the Business App uninstaller file



Once you uninstall the Business App off your computer, depending on your OS you will want to reinstall using any of the links below:




Streamer Application




1. On your Mac, please file search "DMG Splashtop" and you should see a DMG file with a Streamer uninstaller file inside. Once you click on the uninstaller file, it should begin the uninstallation process.

2. If you've accidently deleted your DMG Splashtop folder, you may just uninstall the Streamer locally off your Mac:

Search for and locate "Splashtop Streamer" in finder -> Drag it to your trashcan -> Empty trashcan



Please refer to the link below to run the Streamer App uninstaller file



To reinstall the Streamer app, a deployment link will need to be sent and opened on the remote computer. Please follow the instructions in the deployment article for instructions on sending/opening deployment links. Deployment links can also be provided via Splashtop Support agents:








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