Navigating Splashtop Business for iOS

Splashtop Business for iOS Devices


Log-in Screen

Input your Splashtop Business account e-mail and password here.

Single Sign On Log-in if account is set up through SSO. (Available on Splashtop Enterprise)


Forgot your password?

You can reset your password by entering your e-mail address through this function. Instructions will then be provided to your e-mail.



Computer List

Remotely access your computer by selecting a computer on this list.

In session guide: Using the Controls Menu Bar for iOS Splashtop Business


Computer List - Filtering

Filter or search for your computers to save time.


Computer List - Favorites

Favorite your computers by selecting the star icon next to them. This will create a separate list for ease of use.


Computer Details

Computer information such as the Device Name, OS Version, Streamer Version, etc.



Wake up

Wake-on-LAN if available. Set up information here: Wake-On-LAN

Add Shortcut to Home Screen

Create a shortcut to the computer onto your iOS home screen.


Adjust the resolution of the computer upon connection.

Clear Credentials

Clear the computer login credentials that are saved on the iOS device.

Delete Computer

Remove computer from the Splashtop account. You'll no longer have access unless you set up the Splashtop Streamer again.

Restart Streamer

Reset the Splashtop Streamer

Normal Reboot

Reset the computer

Safe Mode Reboot

Reset the computer in safe mode. More info: Safe Mode


Splashtop SOS from an iOS device

Attended access via 9-digit session code.

(Available on Splashtop SOS and Splashtop Enterprise Technician Licensing)






Displays currently logged in account, switching accounts, and logging out.

Option to clear saved login credentials.


Splashtop system and new feature message center.

Show hints every time

Additional guidance when using Splashtop Business.

Auto login with Face ID

Allow you to log in to the Splashtop app with your Face ID.

Allow auto-lock

Allow your device's auto-lock to turn off the screen during active session.

Background mode


Maintain current connection for up to the specified time after you switch to another app.

Auto connect

Automatically connect to the last computer you had connected to.

Two-finger tap


Configure the behavior of two-finger tap during remote session.

Additional Guide: Introduction to iOS gestures iPad-iPhone

Network optimization

Automatically adjust display quality for best responsiveness under different network conditions.

Show solid color background

When in a session, solid color background will be used on remote computer desktop. This might help improve session performance in a slow network.

Auto pop up Session Notes

Always auto pop up session notes at the end of the session (based on your subscription).

Product improvement

Help improve this product by submitting anonymous crash reports and usage statistics.



Default FPS and Quality settings for each remote session. You can still modify the settings from the toolbar during the remote sessions and it will be saved.

Contact Us


Visit Support Site - Running into issues or have suggestions for us? Please visit our support site and file a ticket.

Give us feedback - Our product improvements are largely based on feedback from users like you. Send us feedback.

Send debug logs - Send debug log when requested by our support team. The log includes diagnostic info to help us resolve your issues.


Current version of Splashtop Business application.


Document of acknowledgements.

Send Debug Logs


Settings > Contact Us > Send Debug Logs

Send debug logs - Send debug log when requested by our support team. The log includes diagnostic info to help us resolve your issues. Provide the support team with the debug log number.


Having issues navigating or have a suggestion? Please open a support ticket.

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