Common problems that cause Streamer to go offline

Stopped Service

Although the Streamer service is set by default to start up automatically once Windows starts and set to run constantly in the background, it can be stopped by a third-party application or by Windows itself.

When the service is stopped, then the streamer will look like this:


If the streamer is in this state and the service is not running, users will not be able to remotely access the computer and they will receive a "Computer is offline" error message.

If the Streamer is asking for an account login and you are a Splashtop Business customer, please restart the streamer service to bring it back online and logged in.


Service Restart Steps

1. Open Windows Services by searching for it in Windows Search. You can start the search by clicking the windows Icon or the Search icon in the bottom left hand corner of your screen.


2. Find SplashtopRemoteService in the list of services. It is sorted alphabetically already. The status next to SplashtopRemoteService will probably be blank.

3. Right click on that row -> click Restart

4. Open the Splashtop Streamer to see if there's any changes. It might be asking you to allow your team to have access to the computer again. Click Confirm if it does and the computer should be accessible again.

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