Streamer Security Settings: Require Additional Password to Connect

After logging in to your Splashtop Business application, the list of computers your account has access permissions to will be shown. Splashtop provides additional password control for when a Splashtop user tries to connect into a computer. 

Require Windows or Mac login


This will require entering the computer’s user name and password when connecting remotely. Log in screen will always appear when connecting to a computer. This can also be set when creating a custom deployment package


The Windows credentials can also be saved for when you log in for future connections.

Support Article: Windows/Mac Auto Login

You can also add a personal code in addition to your Windows user name and password.


Require security code


This will require an 8 to 20 character alphanumeric code when connecting into the computer.

Support Article: How can I set up the Security Code for my computer?

Support Article: What's the difference between a Security Code and Personal Code?

No additional password


This will allow you connect into the computer without any additional password security requirement.

Note: If you have 'Enable lock screen at the end of session' checked, you will need to log into your computer the next time you connect to it. Leave it unchecked if you want to connect without authenticating.


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