How to manage trusted devices for a Splashtop account

A trusted device is a device that no longer needs to authenticate via verification emails. It's important to note that this is different from a 2FA trusted device (follow the link to see how to manage 2FA trusted devices)

This can be useful for various reasons including:

  • You are the only person that has access to the device you're logging in from--e.g., a phone.
  • You log on through a device frequently and would rather mark it as a trusted device (Note: Device authentication is required on the first time logging into a new device, browser, or business app. Also, device authentication may be required periodically after a specific amount of time, depending on how the team owner configured the team settings)

How do I manage the trusted devices?

If you added a device that you shouldn't have, such as a device that's for public use, or you are no longer in possession of a device and would like to remove it, there is a method to remove the "trust" from the device.

Method - To remove the "trust" from the device

1. To remove the "trust", login to, and click on the Devices tab


2. Then, click the "X" button to the right of the device name to remove it from the list.







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