Remote Reboot - Restart Streamer

If you're running Splashtop Streamer or newer, you can remotely reboot a computer or restart a streamer. This can be done from either the web console or the Splashtop Business app (version for Windows and Mac).

Web Console

Log in at On the computer list, click on the gear icon next to the desired computer and click on the "Reboot computer" option.


A window will open with options to restart the streamer or reboot the computer (in the case of Windows, normal or safe mode).


Splashtop Business App

Starting with Splashtop Business app version, you can click on the gear icon next to a computer to find the restart streamer/reboot computer options.




Disabling Reboot Capability

By default, any admin on the Splashtop team can execute these reboot options. It is possible for the owner of the Splashtop team to disable the reboot options for all computers in the account. Log in at and click on Management > Settings. To disable, simply uncheck the corresponding box.



Splashtop RESTART Streamer

In the event that the Splashtop Streamer is having issues such as connection, slow loading, etc it is best advised to restart the Streamer entirely from within the business app.


Business App

In the Business App after login, please click on the "gears" icon next to the computer name and once the new window appears please look towards the bottom for the following options.


If the "Restart Streamer" option is greyed out, it will prevent you from remotely restarting the streamer so the only way in this case would be to physically get to the remote machine and manually close and re-open the Splashtop Streamer application.



  1. For Windows 10 safe mode reboot, Windows disables Wi-Fi by default. So, if the computer is using Wi-Fi, you will not have remote access into the computer if you reboot into safe mode. Someone would need to manually turn on Wi-Fi at the computer. This is standard Windows 10 safe mode behavior.
  2. After doing a safe mode reboot, the next reboot will be a normal reboot. The only exception is when the next reboot command happens when Windows is not logged in.
  3. For Mac OS with FileVault enabled, it supports to resume connection from remote reboot only when triggering reboot from the “Restart system with FileVault password” option in Streamer tray icon.
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