How to change the resolution or frame rate of the streamed remote display?


By default, the native resolution of the remote computer is streamed.  Some networks may be bandwidth limited or you prefer the screen resolution to fit your local monitor better.

Change resolution

Before connecting to a remote computer,

  1. Open the Business app biz_icon.png
  2. Click/tap on the edit icon next to the computer, normally a gear shaped icon
  3. On the Resolution setting, choose the setting that works best for you
    1. Native resolution of remote computer - no change to remote computer resolution, may have black bars show
    2. Best fit to client computer - adjusts remote computer resolution to the same aspect ratio as the local computer, icons may not move back
    3. 1024x768 - adjusts remote computer resolution to 1024x768, icons may not move back
    4. 800x600 - adjusts remote computer resolution to 800x600, icons may not move back


Change FPS


Another way to use less network bandwidth is to send less frames per a second.  While in a remote connection, from the pull-down menu, select the "FPS" icon and adjust the frames per a second.

  • High - ~30 frames per second
  • Medium - ~15 frames per second
  • Low - ~5 frames per second
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    There is no resolution setting in the edit menu options that appear when the gear box icon is selected.

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    Did you click the gear icon in the app or from the web portal ( You can adjust the resolution settings only from the app.

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    Cesar Orantes

    I have set my resolution at Native and FPS to High. My desktop monitor is 4k x 2k, 3840x2160. My laptop has a 13" screen. But I am still getting very low resolution as compared to TeamViewer. Please tell me what to try next because Splashtop is not usable to me if I cannot read documents on my screen.

    Edited by Cesar Orantes
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    Can you check these 2 things:

    1) While in session, open up the in-session toolbar, click on the "eye" icon, and make sure "Original Size" is selected

    2) Does the fuzziness happen when you view one monitor at a time? Or when you view both monitors together?


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    Cesar Orantes

    I should have stated that I have Orignal Size selected.
    I only have one 3840x2160 monitor on my desktop computer and only one 1920x1080 screen on my laptop with no external monitor.

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    Got it. I misunderstood to be 2 monitors on the streamer computer.

    With your configuration, I can't think of any reason why we would down-scale and cause fuzziness.

    I'll defer to my support colleagues here.


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    I replied to your ticket with a workaround, please help give it a try.