I cannot drag items between my two monitors (multi-monitor doesnt work)


First check to make sure you are subscribed to one of these subscriptions for multi monitor to work

The issue:

You may experience an issue where you have two monitors at your remote location and two monitors at your local location but for some reason you are not able to drag applications, browsers, or open folders between your two monitors.



In most scenarios there is nothing actually wrong but instead there is a misalignment in the two monitors on either end causing it to appear not "working".


In order to troubleshoot why it isn't working please follow these steps:

  1. Please minimize/close ALL non-Splashtop related applications and windows.
    Many other windows and browsers open at once can lead to confusion over which monitor you are working on and where it is located.
  2. Exit fullscreen within Splashtop using the hotbar at the top
  3. Windows:
    mac_fullscreen_en-us.pngBeing in fullscreen can obfuscate the clarity of your screens and make the remote monitors unable to be moved and shifted. This can cause applications and other monitors behind it to be hidden
  1. Shrink your remote monitor and try moving it between the boundaries of your local monitors
    Make sure you try moving it off on BOTH sides
  2. Open your display settings for your local computer.
    On a windows computer: right click your desktop -> display settings
    Then make sure you have 2 monitors that show up indicating it recognizes both computers
    On a mac: Open System Preferences -> Click on Displays
    Then check to make sure both monitors are recognized

    Once you have verified that your local monitors are seeing both monitors, then repeat this step for your REMOTE monitors. I.E go to your display settings for the computer you are connecting TO and check to make sure both monitors are there
  3. If you are still unable to correctly move applications between your monitors then please contact Splashtop Support for assistance
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