How to Enable Legacy Compatible Mode

What is Legacy Mode and when should I use it?

A new encoder was introduced to help with improve the performance of remote sessions. This has been successful in increasing performance, but the codec can have issues based on system components and drivers (such as the Graphics card and Graphics driver). This may cause you to deal with connection and graphical issues. With Legacy mode, this option will move you back to our previous encoder, which can help resolve those connection issues or graphics issues (such as black screen, blurry screen, purple screen).

Legacy mode should be used when you run into the issues mentioned above, and the performance options here did not resolve the issue. At times, a combination of changing performance options + legacy mode can resolve issues.


  • Business app version or later
  • Business Access Legacy/Solo/Pro/Performance
  • Remote Support Plus/Premium
  • SOS/SOS+10/SOS Unlimited
  • Enterprise/Enterprise with Technician license

Before enabling Legacy Compatible Mode, please disconnect any open remote sessions so the changes can take affect.


From the Windows Business App:

1. Select File in the top left corner


2. Selection Options in the drop down menu


3. Select the Advanced tab at the top


4. In the Advanced tab, enable/check Use legacy compatible mode


5. After checking/enabling Legacy Compatible Mode, select Yes and Ok to save the change


6. Now you can reconnect to your remote computer and test the connection


From the Mac Business App:

1. Select Splashtop Business in the top left corner (beside the apple logo/icon)


2. From the menu, select Preferences (or Settings)


3. From the Preferences/Settings menu, select Advanced


4. In the Advanced menu, select Use legacy compatible mode


5. After selecting Legacy compatible mode, select Yes on the popup to enable Legacy mode



From the iOS Business App:

1. Select the gear icon in the bottom right corner to get into Settings


2. From the Settings menu, select Optimization


3. Within the Optimization menu, select Use legacy compatible mode


4. A popup will show after selecting Legacy mode. Select OK to enable Legacy mode



From the Android Business App:

1. Select the three vertical dots in the top right corner to get into Settings


2. From the Settings menu, select "Run Compatible Mode" to enable Legacy Modeand_2_en-us.png


If your issues continue with legacy mode enabled, please contact us here to submit a ticket, start a live chat, or give our support line a call.

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