How do I login when the remote computer uses Azure Active Directory (AzureAD)?

When you connect to a computer that uses Azure Active Directory,  the way you login would depend on if there's a Domain Controller (DC) connected with Azure AD Connect or not:

  • If there is a Domain Controller, you would type in the Domain name as normal.
  • If there is not a Domain Controller, you would enter “AzureAD” into the domain field.

You may get the following error when logging in to a computer using Azure Active Directory "You entered your Splashtop Account. Instead, enter your remote computer credentials as if you were sitting in front of the remote computer".  


Solution ( If there is not a Domain Controller on the remote computer)

1. Please click the small arrow in the lower right of the login screen to view the Domain field.


2.  Please type in your email and password, then type "AzureAD" into the Domain Field. Then click the "Ok" button to login to the remote computer.


If you are still unable to login with Splashtop but can log in locally on the physical computer, please check that the User is in the correct policies:

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