Windows & Mac Client Toolbar Functions

Version for Windows or Mac new toolbar and features


mceclip1.png Disconnect

mceclip2.png RDP switch session, shows if multiple RDP sessions are active on this computer

mceclip3.png Switch monitor or view all monitors

mceclip4.png View scaling option, frame rate setting, view remote pointer/cursor

mceclip5.png Full screen

mceclip6.png CTL+ALT+DEL

mceclip7.png Actions: Blank screen, Lock keyboard and mouse, Paste Clipboard as Keystrokes, Keyboard mapping*

mceclip8.png File Transfer

mceclip9.png Session Recording

mceclip10.png Chat window for Technician input

mceclip11.png In full screen mode, you can hide the toolbar or minimize the session window

mceclip12.png This small horizontal bar at the top center restores the hidden toolbar



*Keyboard mapping--feature released in Business App version (Mac and Windows). The options are Splashtop mapping and Alternative mapping:

  • Splashtop mapping--the new option (is now the default); types according to the Business App-side keyboard (the computer being remotely connected from)
  • Alternative mapping--previously our only option; types according to the Streamer-side keyboard (the computer being remotely connected into)
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