What we're working on next


Here are a few of the exciting new features that we're working on for upcoming releases of Splashtop Remote Support, Splashtop Business Access, and Splashtop SOS - may be limited to certain service tiers.

We are working closely with our customers to further improve our product with enhancements and new features!  Some features are only available on certain services:

Linux Streamer (www.splashtop.com/Linux )

  • Add support for Ubuntu 20.04 (ETA Q3 2020)
  • More features: copy/paste text, remote restart, remote command enhancements (ETA Q3 2020)
  • File transfer (ETA Q4 2020)

Session Recording

  • Enable configuring storage path for recorded sessions and size limit (ETA Q3 2020)
  • Add configuration to automatically record (ETA Q3 2020)

Blank Screen

  • Update to support Window 10 version 2004 (ETA Q3 2020)

Favorites List

  • Added "Favorite's List" to allow users to pick and choose the most preferred computers to show. (ETA Q3 2020)

Stylus support

  • Initial support for some pressure sensitive stylus (Wacom, Surface, PenPower stylus on Win10, Apple Pencil on iOS) (ETA Q3 2020)

View-only mode

  • Be able to disable control to remote computer to prevent accidental actions (ETA Q1 2021)

Microphone support

  • Be able to transmit audio via your local microphone to the remote computer as the microphone input. (ETA Q1 2021)

Magnifier view

  • Zoom in/out of session image (ETA Q1 2021)

** These roadmap features are currently under development. Final features, specifications, and availability dates are subject to change. Features vary by product and edition.


Previous Releases


We also added a lot of great new features in recent previous releases, including multi-to-multi monitor support, multiple concurrent sessions, and new Remote Support Premium and Business Access Pro editions.

Click here to see a list of past releases and the features included in each

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