What we're working on next


Here are a few of the exciting new features that we're working on for upcoming releases of Splashtop Enterprise, Splashtop Remote Support, Splashtop Business Access, and Splashtop SOS - may be limited to certain service tiers.

We are working closely with our customers to further improve our product with enhancements and new features!  Some features are only available on certain services:

IT help desk (part of Splashtop Enterprise)

  • Invite end user into a support session simply by sending a link (completed Q4 2021)
  • Technician queue, to view and manage waiting and in-progress support sessions (completed Q4 2021)
  • Automate support request routing by configuring channels and technician groups (completed Q4 2021)
  • Transfer support session from one technician to another (completed Q4 2021)
  • Invite additional technicians to join an ongoing support session (completed Q1 2022)
  • Restrict the IP addresses from which technicians can use Splashtop (completed Q1 2022)
  • Log Splashtop activities to a SIEM such as Splunk or Sumo Logic (completed Q1 2022)
  • End users to initiate support sessions via icon on their desktop (completed Q1 2022)
  • Upload chat transcript into ticketing system (completed Q2 2022)
  • Real-time update of session status in technician console (completed Q3 2022)
  • Support remotely accessing mobile devices via service desk support session (completed Q3 2022)
  • Support ticketing system integration via service desk support session (completed Q4 2022 for Freshservice)
  • Comprehensive session transcript for service desk support session, including pre-session chat (ETA Q1 2023)
  • Centralized session recording (ETA Q1 2023)

Open APIs (part of Splashtop Enterprise)

  • OAuth 2.0 and REST-based open API framework (completed Q4 2022)
  • Public APIs for integrating attended support capability into custom ticketing systems or chat tools (ETA Q1 2023)
  • Public APIs for building custom workflows. Potential functions include:
    • Downloading logs (ETA Q2 2023)
    • Downloading computer and inventory info (ETA Q2 2023)
    • Managing groups, including group assignment (ETA Q2 2023)
    • Managing users, including invite, delete, enable, disable (ETA Q3 2023)
    • Managing computers, including rename, delete, edit (ETA Q4 2023)
    • Managing access permissions (ETA Q4 2023)

In-session support voice call

  • (SOS+Unlimited, Enterprise) Initiate a 2-way voice call within a Splashtop support session (Completed Q2 2022)

Web App

  • (Enterprise, SOS Basic, SOS+) Establish a remote connection directly in the browser without installing the native Business app (coming soon to SBA Solo, SBA Pro, SRS Premium)

1-to-Many File Transfer

  • (SRS Premium, Enterprise) Support file transfer for 1-to-many actions (Completed Q3 2022)

Splashtop Connector

  • Ability to connect to an RDS server or desktop with RDP service instead of installing the Splashtop streamer agent (Completed Q1 2022)

** These roadmap features are currently under development. Final features, specifications, and availability dates are subject to change. Features vary by product and edition.


Previous Releases


We also added a lot of great new features in recent previous releases, including multi-to-multi monitor support, multiple concurrent sessions, and new Remote Support Premium and Business Access Pro editions.

Click here to see a list of past releases and the features included in each

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