What we're working on next


Here are a few of the exciting new features that we're working on for upcoming releases of Splashtop Remote Support, Splashtop Business Access, and Splashtop SOS.

Portable Splashtop Business app

  • Currently, Splashtop Business app for Windows (the app you use to remote from Windows devices) needs to be installed. This makes sense for your own computers, where you usually remote from. Installation enables you with the convenience of saving your login information, preferences, and streamer credentials.
  • Sometimes, you may wish to work from a client's office, and perform remote access using one of the computers at the client's office. You may not want to have to install software to do that. And you do not want to leave your settings and preferences behind.
  • We are working on a version of the Splashtop Business app that you can simply download and run. Or carry it with you on a USB stick. It does not require installation.
  • For security reasons, it will still have the usual sign-in authentication flow (login with Splashtop ID, device authentication, two-step verification if you have it enabled, etc.).
  • Beta available now, contact Support.

"Paste" password at Windows login screen

  • It is difficult to remember complex passwords that your Windows computers use. Even if you use a password manager, the Windows login passwords still need to be typed in manually, since paste is not allowed at the Windows login screen.
  • We are working on a feature whereby Splashtop can "type" the clipboard contents for you. So you can simply copy the password from your password manager to the clipboard, then have Splashtop "paste" the password into Windows. Saving you from having to manually type.
  • Estimated schedule is end of January 2018.

Multiple concurrent sessions

  • Currently, a computer can only be remotely accessed by one person at a time. Meaning, only one technician can be connected to the computer. No one else can connect until the technician disconnects.
  • We are now working on the ability for two technicians to view and control the same computer at the same time. This can be useful for cases where technicians need to collaborate on an issue.
  • Let's say both technicians see the same computer on the computer list. First technician connects. Second technician can click on the same computer from the Splashtop Business app to also connect at any time.
  • Both technicians will see the exact same desktop and can both control. (They will need to coordinate "who controls" between themselves.)
  • Estimated schedule is end of Q1 2018.

Reboot-and-reconnect for Splashtop On-Demand Support

  • Currently, during a Splashtop On-Demand Support session, restarting the computer will terminate the remote session. The end user will need to log back into Windows, re-launch the SOS app, and give the new 9-digit session code to the technician.
  • We are working on the ability for Splashtop Business app to reconnect automatically, once the computer has rebooted to the Windows login screen. The end user does not need to be present for the technician to continue working after reboot.
  • Estimated schedule is around end of Q1 2018.


  • Our current multi-monitor support is "multi-to-one." Meaning, you'll be able to see the remote side's multiple monitors in *one* window on your local side. That will help with dragging items across multiple monitors, seeing where new windows popped up, etc.
  • We are now working on the ability to map "multi-to-multi," where you'll truly be able to see remote computer's 2 monitors in 2 separate windows. Then you can put those 2 windows on 2 separate local monitors, for true "multi-to-multi."
  • Estimated schedule is Q2 2018.


Premium Edition

  • We have been getting a lot of requests from our MSP & IT customers to provide some commonly useful remote support tools (beyond remote control), similar to those provided in the LMI Premier package.
  • We are working on a new, premium edition of Splashtop Remote Support
  • Initial features will be as follows:
    • Windows updates (dashboard view of update status including ability to push updates)
    • Command-line access (remote interactive command prompt to managed computers)
    • Alerts (configurable notifications for high resource usage, Windows update status, software installation / removal, managed computers going online / offline)
  • Initial release planned for March 2018

We’d love to hear your inputs.  Please take 1 minute and let us know your top feature requirement(s) by clicking here.  We’ll also invite you to our beta program once available.  Thanks in advance!


These roadmap features are currently under development. Final features, specifications, and availability dates are subject to change. Features vary by product and edition.

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    Hopefully whatever additional features that you add in...please make sure its come with option that allow admin to enable,disable or have some control on that. Not all your customer have same requirement. Like multi monitor feature, should admin only can allow specific user to have multi monitor & other cannot. Because we dont want our user to have this privilege.

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    Got it, I have talked to the development team about this, we will keep this in mind, and evaluate if there should be an option to turn on/off new features on the web portal.


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    The only feature we require (which will decide whether we renew our license) is for LAN access without connecting to the internet.

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    Thank you! This is really exciting news!!

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    I'm really looking forward to the portable access. I was at a client today and had to install the desktop app first to be able to connect to another client's device.
    I'm also looking forward to the reboot and reconnect option. Coming from MSP Anywhere, this was a great feature!

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    We have a beta version of the portable Windows Splashtop Business app:

    Official release should be before end of January.

    Feel free to try and let us know any problems you find. (It's an early build so there are definitely still bugs we're finding and working on.)


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    Forgot to mention, for the portable version, you would still go through the same device authentication process (the authentication email) or the 2-step verification (if you have it set up).

    We definitely recommend enabling 2SV for your account for best security. And that saves you from having to email-authenticate each time.


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    Thanks for this update. I love that Splashtop continues to work on improvements and think about new features. Our suggestion for 2018 has to do with remote printing in the Splashtop Business app. We would like to see the procedure for printing between Windows PCs and Macs work similarly to printing from Windows to Windows or Mac to Mac. In other words, it would be great to print from an application on the remote Windows PC, choose the Splashtop Remote Printer in the print dialog box, and then choose a local printer on the local Mac and click Print. The user doesn't have to mess with PDFs or XPS readers.

    Happy holidays everyone!

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    Just downloaded the beta and ran a quick test to connect to an on-demand PC. Worked great! Thanks Phil!

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    One feature that is available on competing products & would be a great benefit to us is to be able to right click on the Splashtop icon in the taskbar & then simply Disable or Enable remote access. This allows people to normally have access disabled whilst still making it very easy for me to tell them how to enable it if they need help.

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    Point taken about XPS/Mac. We've briefly looked into licensing a XPS/PS or XPS/PDF library for Mac before. It didn't pan out but we'll revisit it since there are quite a few of us using Macs to manage Windows now!


    Great! A few of us noticed issues when running on Windows 7. (Fine on Windows 10.) We're debugging. Just a heads up.


    Noted. We'll add that to the roadmap. I imagine a tray icon menu option as well as a slider on the main Status tab of the streamer.

    Happy holidays, everyone. Thanks much for your ongoing usage and input!


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    We updated the portable Windows app to fix an issue when running it on Windows 7:


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    Tony Alaimo

    On IOS Ipad devices with multi monitors, the 3 finger swipe is horrible and the button pushing to switch monitors isn't much better... when will we see the multi to one available for Ipads?