How to Validate your Account Billing Address

*This process is currently applicable to US and Canadian customers

If you are trying to input or edit your account billing address and an error message prevents you from completing your billing information to subscribe or renew your subscription. Please follow the steps below.


For Canadian addresses, check address validity via the Canada Post

For U.S. addresses, check address validity via the USPS website


Please enter your address into the correct tool above, and it should show the accepted address format to enter on


Note: There are cases where the Address format can be changed

  • "10050 W US-280" can also be written as "10050 W Highway 280."
  • "27 Queen Mary Street" can also be written as "1-27 Queen Mary Street."


If the address has been verified by USPS/ Canada Post with a valid address but still getting an error, please open a support ticket.

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