Taxes on your Splashtop Services

Here are answers to common questions about taxes on your Splashtop services.

Beginning in February, 2023, Splashtop will start collecting sales tax in certain U.S. states.

How tax rates are determined

Tax rates vary by country, state, territory and city, and are based on the applicable tax rate at the time of your Splashtop charge. These amounts can change over time with local tax requirements.

Does the Splashtop price include sales tax?

The advertised Splashtop price does not includes sales tax.

If sales tax applies, it is listed separately on your invoice. Your Splashtop service may be subject to sales tax in some areas (governed by local sales tax laws) because Splashtop is sold to customers residing in those areas.

How to get an invoice for Splashtop charges

Your Splashtop invoice lists your Splashtop charges and applicable taxes.

You can log in to your Account and follow these instructions to view and print an invoice.

How to submit tax exemption information

If you reside in the United States and wish to submit tax exemption information, please update your Bill To/Ship To Address (update in the web console) and provide the following information to before completing your transaction or before your next auto-renewal:

  • Splashtop Account email of subscription owner's account
  • Tax ID and/or EIP
  • Copy of your State Tax Resale Certificate/Exemption Certificate
  • Type of Exemption(Charitable, Resale, Religious, Government, Educational, etc):  
  • Copy of your 501(c), if applicable
  • Please update Bill to/ Ship To Address in Splashtop Account (update in the web console)

Tax-exempt certificates provided prior to February, 2023 will need to be resubmitted.

Charged the wrong tax amount

Tax for Splashtop services is determined by your billing address.

Sign in to your Account and go to Account Info > Payment and Billing to make sure your billing address is correct.

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