How to fix missing computer from your computer list



A computer I've set up doesn't show up on the computer list.

I do not see it in the Splashtop Business app's computer list. I also do not see it on the web console under the "Computers" tab.

It may still show up in the web console under "All Computers" tab.

Possible Reasons

  1. Check if any filtering or search term is on, in the Splashtop Business app or the web console.
    For example, the Splashtop Business app can be configured to show only online computers, only offline computers, only computers matching search terms, etc.
  2. Make sure the streamer was not logged out or uninstalled.
    This is stating the obvious, of course. The latest streamer can be pretty well locked down, to prevent undesired changes by the end user. But users with admin privileges can still find a way to do it.
    You can also check the history log in the web console to see if there was a logout event.
  3. Check if the permissions are set correctly.
    For Splashtop Business Access, click on the gear icon next to the computer and choose "Access permission." Make sure your name is listed and checked.
    For Splashtop Remote Support, go to Management > Users, click on the gear icon next to your user ID, and choose "Access permission." Make sure you do have permission to access the relevant computer or computer group.

If all of these steps check out, and the problem persists, you can try toggling the permissions to something else and then back. In very rare cases, we've seen permissions becoming corrupted, and they can be corrected simply by toggling the permissions.

If you have some spare time to let us troubleshoot before toggling the permissions, please file a ticket with our support team. We'd appreciate the opportunity to debug the case where permissions could have become corrupted. It's a rare occurrence and not something we've been able to duplicate in-house.

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