Is it secure to work with my private data / operations during the remote sessions using my Splashtop Account? (e.g: password typing, screen displaying, ...)

Yes, the Splashtop Business app applies the TLS/AES-256 encryption method when transmitting packets and data.  It is completely safe to use in environments where security is a concern, such as an Enterprise network.

Your Splashtop Account only contains an e-mail address and related password for the remote connection.  All personal information and operations will remain secure and not be recorded, etc.

If you are an IT manager looking for an enterprise solution for Splashtop Remote Desktop, then please fill out this form to request access to a business version of Splashtop Remote, geared toward IT managers.  Splashtop Business has added features for manageability, security, tracking, etc.  Here’s a link to the form:

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