User Guide for the WoL Checking Tool

Please follow the steps below to run our Wake-on-LAN Checking Tool and see if it can successfully wake up your computer; which in turn can help determine whether the WoL-related settings that are currently set in your system are correct or not.

Before running this tool, please make sure the target computer is "sleeping" or "shut down," and get another computer (the tester) for running the .exe file.


  1. Put both of the above-mentioned computers ("target" computer and "tester" computer)  in the same network environment, which means connected to the same router.
  2. Download the Tool ( at the buttom of this page) and unzip it to your tester computer.  
  3. Then run ST-wol.exe.  You will see the window shown below:
  4. Please insert the corresponding information of your target computer's MAC Address, IP Address, and Subnet Mask (which is normally  As to the Unicast Port field, please insert 7 or if you don't know what it is.
  5. Click the Send Magic Packet button and check the result.  If you can see the message "Wake up done" as shown in the example below, it means the Magic Packet has been sent successfully from the tester computer.  Please check your target computer, which was previously in a sleeping or shut-down state, to see if it has been awakened.


  • If the Tool could successfully wake up your computer, Splashtop clients will also work.
  • The Tool is designed to run with both your devices in a Local network environment.
  • If the Tool could wake up your target computer successfully with both devices in a Local network environment, but it still fails to wake up the target computer from a different network environment with Splashtop clients;  it means there might be nodes enroute from your device running Splashtop clients to your target computer which block ports that Wake-on-LAN needs.
  • ST-wol.ini is a file in which settings are recorded.  It will automatically be generated after running this Tool.  You can just delete this file if you wish.


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