Enable end to end (QUIC) connection

Splashtop supports end to end connection using QUIC protocol, which in some cases can improve the performance of the remote connection. Please be noted, per different firewall and network configuration, QUIC feature might not work in certain situations.

QUIC is a network protocol introduced by Google, and aims to provide much reduced latency remote connections, more details could be found on the wiki page.




  • Splashtop Business app or later on Windows, Mac and iOS devices.
  • Splashtop streamer or later on Windows, Mac devices.
  • Splashtop SOS app or later on Windows, Mac and iOS devices.

OS version:

  • Windows 10 or later.
  • macOS 10.15 or later.


Currently available with Splashtop Business Access Pro, Performance, Solo, SOS/SOS+10/SOS+unlimited, and Enterprise.


Get started

Once enabling the QUIC, when establishing a remote session the Splashtop Business app will be best effort trying QUIC connection, and if it is not supported due to different firewall/network environments, the remote connection will be taking advantage of our relay servers, just like normal remote connections.

For unattended sessions:

On the computer list in the Splashtop Business app, click the gear icon of a computer profile. There will be a toggle to turn on QUIC.

For attended sessions:

  • On Windows device, before you establish an SOS remote session, please go to File dropdown menu / Options / Advanced to check Enable QUIC for attended sessions.
  • On Mac device, the menu under Splashtop Business dropdown menu / Preferences / Advanced.
  • On iOS device, the menu is under Settings / Optimization.


How to verify if it is QUIC or normal relay protocol used in a remote session

  1. During the remote session, click the eye-like icon on the toolbar, then Performance Status
  2. In the status window, you can check the Connection type.


How to configure my router/firewall to support QUIC

To configure your router or firewall to support QUIC, follow these steps:

TCP Configuration:

Please refer to the article below, as TCP configuration is the same as standard Splashtop connection:
What are the Firewall Exceptions and IP addresses of Splashtop servers/Services?

UDP Configuration:

For UDP traffic, you need to configure two sets of rules:

  • Specific UDP Port Configuration: Whitelist the following domain and port combination for UDP traffic:
    • Domain: *.relay.splashtop.com
    • Port: 3479
  • Dynamic Port Configuration: Allow all UDP ports. QUIC operates on dynamic ports, so you need to allow all UDP ports for the QUIC connection. Splashtop will randomly pick one of these ports during communication. 

Note: If you need the IP addresses of the Splashtop QUIC servers, please contact our support team.

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