Enable hardware acceleration on Splashtop Business app


The Splashtop Business app on Windows takes advantage of different hardware on your device to support hardware acceleration, which improves both performance of the remote session and CPU loading of your local computer.


Splashtop Business app for Windows v3.3.8.0 or later.


How to enable hardware acceleration?

  1. Open the Splashtop Business app, open the File dropdown list then click Options.
  2. Go to Advanced tab, check Use Hardware Acceleration


Supported Hardware

Nvidia graphics, AMD graphics, and Intel graphics.

Once checking the option, the Splashtop Business app will use the supported hardware installed on your local computer to decode, which will help get better performance in a remote session (up to 60 FPS when 1080P resolution and 30 FPS when 4k resolution) and also lower the local computer's CPU loading (up to 100% saved).



  • The performance in a remote session (FPS) is also influenced by other settings/factors, such as rendering options, streamer settings, network status, network bandwidth, etc.
  • Hardware acceleration is also supported with Splashtop streamer, instructions here.
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