What can I do in the Splashtop web console?


From Splashtop Business's web console, you can connect to your computers with one click (Windows and Mac client apps must still be installed) and manage your computers, users, and your account. Just log in at my.splashtop.com.

(More information can be found in the manual for Splashtop Business.)


The functions available to you depend on whether your role is owner, admin, or member.

  1. Owner
    - the one who purchased the Splashtop Business subscription
    - has the same manageability privileges as Admin.
    - the only one who can manage the subscription and purchase more seats/licenses
    - the only one who can set policies that apply to all users (under Account Info > Team)
  2. Admin
    -assigned by the owner.
    - can manage users and see all of their device information and session history.
  3. Group Admin (only available on Remote Support accounts 750+)
    - assigned by the owner.
    - can manage users and see all of their device information and session history only for their specific group
  4. Member
    - can see only their own computers, client devices, and session history.

Available Functions

  1. See the list of computers and their detailed information (from the Computers tab)
  2. Connect to a computer (from the Computers tab)
  3. Configure who can access which computers (from the Computers tab > sharing icon)
  4. Rename computers (from the Computers tab > gear icon)
  5. Add a note to a computer (from the Computers tab > gear icon)
  6. Remove offline computers from the list (from the Computers tab > gear icon)
  7. See the list of client devices and their detailed information (from the Clients tab)
  8. See session history and activity on the Splashtop Business account (from the Logs tab)
  9. Manage users: enable, disable, change role, reset password, etc. (available under the Management tab)
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    No, you cannot connect to a computer as easy as they say. In fact I still have not been able to.



    So the answer is you can see your computer online and connected to their server...but that is it.

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    I've been running a trial of Splashtop for about a week, to look to move from LogmeIn, and I've found it to be brilliant.  I've set up about 10 computers so far (using my existing LogMeIn account to facilitate that...) and set up 3 computers to access them, and everything has worked perfectly.

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    @ Gackdeux, if your os is Win XP then you will have to have SP3 installed just an FYI

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    Been using it for a few months now. Have 18 computers on, (moved from logmein rescue) And it does what we need it to do. Also able to create connection files and used dropbox to allow customers to install (saves the customer having to put in the codes that can be taxing for them) So all in all Finding it pretty good