Splashtop maintains logs for self auditing.  There are 3 different sets of logs: "Sessions", "File Transfers", and "History".  Login to my.splashtop.com, then click on the "Logs" tab/menu.



The session logs can show the last 7, 30, or 60 days of connection logs.  These logs include names and IP addresses of the 2 devices, time, user, and duration of the connections.  If your service includes both unattended and attended access, you can choose which logs to view. 


If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can download up to a year of logs in CSV format, "Export as CSV".

Note: "Type" is Local or Remote.  Local means both devices are on the same network and talk peer to peer.

File Transfer

Any file transfers during the remote session will be logged under this section. The logs include the names of the files transferred, but do not include any content.



These history logs show administrative actions, such as computers added/removed, group settings, permissions, etc.  The logs note the time, account, IP address, and action.  These logs are not exportable, but you can view the full history.


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    I am very disappointed with Splashtop to remove the File Transfer logs session, its moving 10 steps backwards. How am I going to track who transfer which file and when? It doesn't make sense at all for your side to remove it.

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    Sorry about that, Keith.

    We revamped the UI so it's in a different place now. We're still finetuning the design.

    Look under Logs > Sessions. There's a new column called "File transfer." Remote sessions with file transfer activity will have an icon in that column. Click on the icon to see the file transfer activity details.


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    Richard Overgard

    I appreciate the sessions log. But I have one request. Some days I can work all day without ever losing connectivity. Other days, I may lose it as many as a dozen times in a single day. When I check the session log to get the hours spent logged into my PC at the office, I have to manually add up all those times to get the total for the day. Could you add a simple widget of some sort that would display the total time for each day?

    Ideally I would also be able to get a simple total for any given selection of multiple days, and/or range of dates.