Can I have more than one connection to the same computer?

For Remote Support Plus or Premium, Business Access Pro or Performance, SOS with mobile, SOS+, SOS Teams, or Splashtop Enterprise, you can have 2 simultaneous connections to one computer. 

Note: if you have Business Access Pro or Performance, your team will need at least two licenses to support this feature. Both users needs to be set up with their own accounts within the team and be logged in under their own accounts to do this. This will not work with just one account being shared amongst two users.


  1. Windows or Mac Splashtop streamer or later
  2. Business app (stb_icon.png)
    • Windows or Mac; or later
    • iOS: or later
      • iPad5+, iPad mini 2+, iPhone6+, iPod6+
    • Android or later


Simply connect to the computer as you normally do.

Another user can connect to the same computer in the same normal way.

Both users will see the screen and have control, as if they were sitting at the computer.

If a 3rd user tries to connect to the same computer, they will get a warning message.


If using Splashtop SOS, both technicians will connect using the same 9-digit code.

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