Remote Command


Remote Command Prompt allows Administrators to launch a remote command prompt or terminal window to send background commands to a Windows or Mac computer. Also available as a 1-to-Many bulk action


  • Splashtop Remote Support Premium or Splashtop Enterprise (Technicians Licenses)
  • Must be an Admin of the unattended access team and requires a valid Windows/Mac Administrator account to connect.

Setting up Remote Command

  1. On the Business app, click the Remote Command icon next to your desired computer to start the Remote Command session. 
  2. For security purposes, you will be prompted for a valid Windows/Mac Administrator username and password before beginning the Remote Command session.
  3. You can run command line or terminal commands, depending on the computer you are connecting into.
    Note: Supports Powershell 4.0 and higher
  4. At the top of the remote command window, there are three icons in the top right:
    1. Start a remote session
    2. Save Remote Command History
    3. Disconnect
  5. When you close out of the session, you can select either Close and Save Log or Close.


Remote Command Team Settings

To enable/disable Remote Command for the full team, the team owner can do this from the web console. First, have the team owner login to the web console,, and then visit the Team Settings Page.

Scroll down to "Feature Configuration" and you can choose to enable/disable remote command for team admins or members. To learn more about granular control settings, check out this article.


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