How to Set Up Splashtop Remote Support Premium: 1-to-Many Actions


Setting up 1-to-Many Actions

To use 1-to-Many Actions, please make sure Splashtop Streamer is updated to version v3.3.6.0 or newer.

1. Log in to and select Management > 1-to-Many Actions.


2. Select Create Action and select which action you'd like to set up.


3. Set the Action Name and the Action Settings.  Each 1-to-Many Action has different Action Settings to review.


4.  Click Save and Run to set up for executing the action now.  Click Save and Schedule to set up executing the action at a later time.


5.  Select which computers you want to run the action on and select Enter Credentials and Run. Enter Admin credentials for the computers.


6. Verify the credentials on the computer by selecting the computer, clicking on Manage CredentialsEdit Credentials. 


7. Enter the credentials and review settings.  Credentials must be verified before running the Action.


8.  Once verified, select Run.  


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