Screen capturing options



A Windows API which is commonly used to capture graphics, which is also the default capturing method we currently use.


Also a Windows native API, but provides better resource control and performance, we would expect that with this capturing method, it will use less CPU and have a better user experience in the remote session.

This requires Windows 8 or later with the remote computers to work.

Nvidia Graphics

We have optimized our products for users who have an NVIDIA graphics card in the remote computers. What this translates to is higher frame rates and lower lag time that will lead to a better experience for all remote desktop usages, especially multimedia. 

This requires an Nvidia graphics and a supported driver with the remote computers to work.

Mirror driver

When the mirror driver is installed, Splashtop streamer uses a different way to capture the screen. This has proven to help with slow screen refresh and high CPU usage issue on a Windows server, and other few issues. More details could be found in the article.

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