Remote Control of Zebra device


Splashtop Streamer and Splashtop SOS support remote control Zebra devices, there are some steps need to be done to enable it. Please follow the following instruction to enable it. 

1. Check the device's system compatiblity

Go to device's setting > About Phone > SW Components, and check MX field, MXMF version should be 8.3 or higher to have the remote control capability


2. Download and install Zebra add-on from Play Store


3. Install Zebra’s StageNow software on a Windows machine


4. Import the attached Profile in bottom in this article into StageNow installed in above step, and deploy

Here are tech docs on Zebra site for how to create/import profiles and staging, instead of creating the profile, you should import the attached profile in this support article: 


5. Open StageNow app on the device and scan the QR to enable the remote control feature of the Add-on, If there is MDM software in your organization, StageNow supports push profile through MDM to device (you may contact your IT manager)


6. Connect to the device again from your Splashtop client app to see if remote control works


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