Push and configure Splashtop Streamer with AirWatch Workspace ONE UEM

This article describes the instructions to push and configure Splashtop Streamer and addon with AirWatch Workspace ONE UEM and Android for Work



1. Push and Configure Splashtop Streamer

1) Go to Workspace ONE console > Apps & Books > Native, Click Add Application in the right pane. 


2) Select Platform as "Android", and type Splashtop Streamer to get the app. It will list out Splashtop Streamer as the search result. 


3) Select Splashtop Streamer, it will prompt Approve, and also update policies on app's permission change etc. finally, it will appear in the "organize apps" like the following screenshot. 


4) Now you can go to Application list view, select the Splashtop Streamer app (radio button before the app), and Assign button appears above the application list.


5) Click Assign, it will show Assignment pop, either Add Assignment to add a new assignment or Edit an existing assignment. 


6) In the following edit screen, select Assignment groups as you wish to push configuration to, and scroll down to the bottom to Application Configuration section. 


7) Click Configure to configure the settings for Splashtop Streamer. 

The following parameters are mandatory required: 

Key Name Type Comment
MDM_DEPLOY_CODE Deploy Code String Input the deploy code (refer to this support article about deploy code)



8) Finally, Save & Publish, you configuration will be pushed to the assigned device with Splashtop Streamer installed, Splashtop Streamer will be activated with the deploy code. 


Grant app permissions to Splashtop Streamer

In order to make Splashtop Streamer works correctly, you may grant those required permissions to it. You can do this by following steps. 

1) go to Devices > Profiles & Resources > Profiles, you can create a profile as you need


2) In the profile editing page, go to Permissions, in the right pane, search Splashtop Streamer, and click Configure. once finish configure, you can save and publish the profiles to the devices. 


2. Push and Configure necessary Addon

Splashtop Streamer needs Addon to enable remote controlling to Android devices in unattended manner. (Refer to this support article for more info)

1) Approve necessary addon in Managed Google Play and push to device

2) Configure the addon. Most addons can work without extra configurations, as long as they are installed onto the devices, but if they are Samsung devices or Zebra devices, you need to do extra configurations to enable them. 


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