Video Rendering Options - Windows Splashtop Business App

The Splashtop Business app for Windows has a few different video rendering options, to achieve optimal performance during a remote session as well as to workaround certain compatibility issues.



Splashtop Business app for Windows v3.3.8.0 or later.


How to choose a different rendering option

  1. Open the Splashtop Business app > File menu > Options.


  2. Go to the Advanced tab. Click on the dropdown menu under Video Rendering Options, to see the available options.

If you are running version, please see section 2a below


2a. In the Splashtop Business App version, please click on "Use legacy compatible mode" if you're connected unattendedly, click on the option below if you're connecting attendedly. Then click on  "Detailed Setup" to change video rendering options in the next window.




Explanation of the rendering options

  • Direct3D with YUV (default): This is the default option when the app is first installed. In our testing, it achieves the best performance and uses the least CPU resources, across most of our test cases.

  • SDL with YUV: Try this option if you are getting the error message "Failed to initialize video device" in your Splashtop Business app or if the remote screen shows up blank. These symptoms potentially indicate DirectX/Direct3D is not enabled or working properly.
    Also, try this option if you turn on screen recording and the remote session performance becomes severely degraded.

  • Software: Try this option if above issues are not solved by using SDL with YUV, or if you run into any other issues with the other rendering options. Software option uses more CPU resources but may be the most compatible across different hardware platforms.
    In versions before v3.3.8.0, this option was named "alternative rendering engine."

  • Direct3D with RGB: This option was the default choice in versions before v3.3.8.0. It is being retained for completeness. For optimal performance, we recommend Direct3D with YUV.


What happens when I update the Splashtop Business app from an earlier version to v3.3.8.0?

  • If earlier version of the app was using the default option (Direct3D with RGB), it will switch to the new default which is Direct3D with YUV.
  • If the app was using the "alternative rendering engine," it will continue to use the same (now named Software).


What if I run into problems?

  • Slow performance after updating to v3.3.8.0
    Try switching the rendering option to Direct3D with RGB or SDL with YUV
    Direct3D with RGB's dependency on GPU has been observed to cause lag on systems with older NVIDIA GPUs
  • Screen is now split into multiple parts and re-arranged
    Try switching the rendering option to Direct3D with RGB or SDL with YUV
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