Zero touch deployment of Streamer on Android devices for unattended access


Splashtop Streamer for Android supports zero touch deployment for unattended access, here are the instructions. 



Step 1: Create deployment package in Splashtop management portal

Log in with team admin, and go to Management > Deployment, click Create Deployment Package button to create a valid deployment package, it will generate a deploy code for every package, which is necessary for following steps. Refer to this page to learn more about different deployment package parameters.



Step 2: Push installation of Streamer and addons

In MDM system with Android EMM registration, approve and add Splashtop Streamer, and necessary addon, and push installation to target devices. Here is an example screenshot with Workspace ONE UEM. 



Step 3: Push necessary managed configuration parameters to target devices

Splashtop Streamer

Configure the following app configuration parameter and leave other field blank.






Deploy Code


Input the deploy code generated in step 1



Most addons can work without extra configurations, as long as they are installed onto the devices, but if they are Samsung devices or Zebra devices, you need to do extra configurations to enable them. 

Step 4: Launch Streamer remotely

If your MDM support running Intent, you can launch the Streamer remotely through MDM, for example, the following is the steps to launch Streamer in Workspace ONE UEM(Airwatch) through Files/Actions.

1) Create Install Manifest in Devices > Provisioning > Components > Files/Actions, with the following intent format


2) Create Product in Devices > Provisioning > Product list view, to include the created Files/Actions

3) Process the product to the target devices to launch the Streamer

Or you can just save the picture below and follow the steps to launch your streamers remotely on Workspace ONE UEM:



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