When I connect it asks for Windows/Mac user name or a security code?

Require Windows or Mac login

When you try to connect to a computer, there is a default 2nd level security set for you to enter a valid login credentials for the host computer you are trying to remote into.


If you click the "Save credentials", this information will be saved so you do not need to enter next time from this particular device.  Additionally, you may need to click on "More" to enter domain information as needed.

If you are remoting into a computer that uses Azure AD, what you should enter into the Domain field will depend on if there's a Domain Controller (DC) connected with Azure AD Connect or not. If there is a DC, type in the domain name as normal. If there is no DC, enter “AzureAD” into the domain field.

For Mac, domain credentials will not work, unless they are cached on the Mac.

Note: You can configure a deployment package to have no password required.  Please refer to this article: deployment

Require security code /No additional password

If you do not have a password for the host/streamer computer or prefer not to use the remote computer credentials for the 2nd level security, there are 2 other options which are configurable through the streamer program:

  1. Require security code
  2. No additional password  -- not recommended

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