How to remote into an iPhone or iPad

Are you trying to remote into an iOS device to view its screen remotely (no control)? If so, first make sure you have a trial or a subscription to Splashtop SOS with Mobile or Splashtop Enterprise with Mobile streamer. If you have Splashtop Enterprise or our previous Splashtop SOS which has no mobile support, please contact our sales team to upgrade. Email or call +1 (408) 886-7177.

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  1. Splashtop Business app (biz_icon.jpeg)
    • Windows, version or newer
    • Mac, version or newer
    • Android, version or newer
    • iOS, version or newer
  2. iOS device needs to have iOS11 or newer

Steps: (Watch Video)


Splashtop (unattended access):

  1. PLEASE NOTE: Due to Apple's high security restrictions, you will not be able to remotely control your IOS devices with unattended Splashtop access. Therefore, using Splashtop SOS is the only option to view IOS devices.

Splashtop SOS (attended access):

        1. END USER installs the Splashtop SOS app (sos_icon.png) on the iOS device from the App Store
        2. END USER opens the Splashtop SOS app on the iOS device and provides the 9-digit code to the technician
        3. TECHNICIAN enters the code into the Splashtop Business app (click Screen_Shot_2017-10-06_at_1.30.33_PM.png button)
        4. END USER 1-time setup, add Broadcasting button to Control Center:
          1. Open Settings Screen_Shot_2017-10-06_at_1.53.12_PM.png
          2. Tap on Control Center Screen_Shot_2017-10-06_at_1.53.51_PM.png
          3. Tap on Customize Controls Screen_Shot_2017-10-06_at_1.53.33_PM.png
          4. Add Screen Recording Screen_Shot_2017-10-06_at_1.53.42_PM.png
        5. END USER follows the instructions in the Splashtop SOS app, to open Broadcasting and choose Splashtop SOS.
          1. Double tap the home button on iOS device or 1-finger slide-up from bottom of iOS device (Control Center).  Note: iPhoneX is a 1-finger slide-down from top right of screen.
          2. Tap and hold the record button until a popup shows (iPad and iPhone6S and earlier), or hard press on the record button (iPhone6+ or newer) Screen_Shot_2017-10-06_at_2.12.13_PM.png 
          3. Scroll and select "Splashtop SOS", then tap on "Start Broadcast". Screen_Shot_2017-10-06_at_2.12.37_PM.png
        6. To end the support session
          1. END USER taps on the "Disconnect" button on the Splashtop SOS app.
          2. or TECHNICIAN clicks on the disconnect button or closes the window



  1. Apple Screen Recording ends if an incoming call comes in.  You will need to restart the sharing.  It works fine for being in an active call, then start sharing.
  2. iPad/iPhone orientation is manual at this time.
    • Click on the "eye" icon and choose rotate right or left
    • The SOS Toolbar features a Disconnect icon, view options (adjust scale and orientation), Full Screen, Session Recording, and an option to open Session Notes:





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