How to disconnect an active Splashtop connection?


Someone forgot to disconnect from a host/streamer computer, and need to access the computer?  There are a couple of features that may help to avoid or resolve this case:

  1. Force disconnect
  2. idle session timeout

When a connection is in progress, you will see a green arrow badge on the computer icon, Screen_Shot_2017-09-11_at_2.35.54_PM.png.  No one will be able to connect since a connection is already established.


Force a disconnect

Users can force a connection to end from any computers they are allowed to connect to.

Note: Make sure to refresh the list to update the status.

  1. From, click on the gear icon to the right of the computer in an active connection, you will find the option, "Disconnect current session". Screen_Shot_2017-09-11_at_2.32.02_PM.png
  2. From the Windows or Mac application, click on the gear icon next to the computer in an active session, there will be a "Disconnect" button. (Requires Windows/Mac app or newer)Screenshot_2017-09-11_14.46.23.png


Automatically disconnect an idle session

On the streamer program, click on the "Settings" tab and scroll down.  In the "idle session timeout" field, enter a number in minutes for a connection to automatically disconnect if no keyboard/mouse activity for this amount of time. (Requires Streamer version or newer)


Note: The idle session timeout vale can be set via the deployment package.

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