Unable to reach Splashtop Server fix

We are still investigating the root cause for this issue as it has affected some of our Splashtop users but we do have a workaround in the meantime below.

Update: We have fixed the issue. You can see incident report on the status page here.

Contact Support if you are still having issues here.

  • First, please try restarting the streamer and rebooting your computer.
  • If restarting the streamer/rebooting the computer doesn't help, please proceed to downloading a .reg file here 
  • Click and open .reg file.  A pop-up will ask if you want it to make changes, click "Yes".
  • After that, open/search for "Services" in your Windows search bar and open the app.
  • Next, look for Splashtop Remote Service and right-click on it and choose "Restart"
After this, wait a few minutes and the streamer should come back online.  If still having issues, please come to chat
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