Your network connection is unstable

What is it?

Beginning with the release of Business App version for Windows and Mac, you may notice a message bar pop up at times across the top of your remote connection window, like the below:




For Business App version and later, the message display as an icon on the left side of the toolbar:



These warnings were added to notify you that the network on either side of the remote connection (either at the computer where the connection is begun or at the computer being remotely viewed and controlled) is running slowly, which can increase the remote connection's latency. When this message appears, you may also see the screen resolution decrease and a slow refresh rate.

If the network speed gets slow enough, the screen will freeze, and you'll see a spinning circle in the top, right hand corner or middle of the screen while the Splashtop software tries to automatically reconnect. If it's unable to reconnect after 60 seconds, it will stop trying and will bring you back to the Business App.


How do we measure this?

We use wifi speed and ping tests to measure latency and determine if the network connection is running slowly.


What can I do if I see this message?

Internet/ping tests

Our first recommendation is to confirm the situation by running an internet speed test on both computers in the remote connection. To do so, search for "internet speed test" in any internet browser. A couple recommendations are or

You're also welcome to run a ping test, as the results of both of these tools can be shared with your internet service provider as proof of slow internet speed. To run a ping test (recommended on both computers, while the Splashtop connection is open and in use):

1. Search for "Command Prompt"/"Terminal" in the Windows search bar/Mac Spotlight search.

2. In the Command Prompt/Terminal window, type (or copy and paste) "ping -t" without the quotes, then hit enter to begin the test.

3. Leave the test on both computers running while you use the remote connection as normal.

4. After you get the latency message (or a frozen screen with a spinning circle), go back to the tests, and once you've clicked on the Command Prompt/Terminal window to bring it into focus, hold down CTRL+C at the same time.

5. Once it's stopped, you'll see a summary of the results at the bottom of the test. Please screen shot or copy and paste the results (including the amount of packets lost and average time). Packets lost show times when the ping did not get a response and timed out.


Rebooting router

We also recommend rebooting your router/modem, as, if your network is running slowly, rebooting may resolve the issue.


Slow-speed settings

Within Splashtop's software, the below recommendations for slow-speed connections will not solve the issue, but can help with the connection. 

  • To enable and run our Diagnostic Tool. Please apply any suggested changes when done.
  • If you're connecting from a Windows computer:
    • In the Business App --> File --> Options --> checkmark "Reduce display quality when network is slow" (please note, this will de-prioritize screen resolution) and "Show solid color background on remote connection" (this will replace your desktop image with a solid, black background).
  • Or connecting into a Windows computer:
  • If you're connecting from a Mac computer:
    • In the Business App --> Splashtop Business (in the top Mac toolbar) --> Preferences --> checkmark the above two options.
  • Or connecting into a Mac computer:


Contact us

If you test your internet speed via the speed and ping tests and have strong internet speeds and no packets lost in the ping tests, please open a ticket with Splashtop Support for assistance.


iOS and Android


On iOS phones and tablets the message will show differently:



And on Android phones and tablets:






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