Recommended Internet Speeds

Many customers ask what's the minimum bandwidth/network speeds that Splashtop recommends. Generally, our lowest minimum network speed should be 5Mb/s down/up. Splashtop will work with less but the connection may not be reliable and you will get unstable connection errors. That's why we highly recommend anything above 10Mb/s down/up with low latency.

Since all connections are varied below are the recommended network speeds that should help with achieving optimal performance with Splashtop Applications.

Lowest Recommended Speeds

5Mb/s down/up

Highly Recommended Speeds

10Mb/s down/up or greater.

Latency (ping)

15ms or lower.  Will work with higher ping times, but could invoke warnings about unstable connection.

Websites to test network

The sites below are good for testing your network speed and latency.  Make sure you test local and remote computers to rule out either causing issues.

Check for active dropped connections

You can also run a ping test on both local and remote computers in your terminal to see if you're actively having internet issues. You can also check latency (also knows as "ping") in the same test.

A ping test is a simple command you run to test how long it takes data to travel from point A to point B while also showing if you have dropped connections. The domain you use to ping is optional. You can ping any domain/server.

On Windows

Open CMD Prompt by searching for "cmd"

Type in the terminal: ping

The ping test will run/stop and after it will show statistics about the test.  You want to have 0% packet loss.  See below.


If you want the test to continue to run type ping  -t. The -t will allow the ping test to continue to run. To stop the ping test just press Control + c. 

On Mac:

Open Terminal by pressing cmd+spacebar and searching for "terminal"

Type in the terminal: ping

On Mac OS the ping test will continue to run until you press Control + c to stop the test. After, it will show you statistics about the test.  You want to have 0% packet loss.

Request timed out

If you run the test and you see request timed out as the reply that means you're having active network issues, meaning, the ping test is failing. The data packets being sent are dropping and not making the full ping trip. We suggest you reset router or contact ISP (internet service provider).







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