How to fix lag when remoting into Windows Server 2008

As to such lagging cases, most of them are with Streamer installed on a quite low video memory system(like a server with 16MB graphic chip); since Splashtop provides high quality streaming with high FPS (Frame Rate per Second), the lacking memory of  video device will be the bottleneck to maintain such performance. 

Here is a workaround which might help, please disable hardware acceleration in
Control Panel-> Display-> Screen Resolution-> Advanced settings-> Troubleshoot tab,
by users' experience and our internal test, it could solve the issue. However, it might affect some other functions on your server which needs hardware acceleration.




To check if your system is the same case we mentioned, please search "DxDiag.exe" on your PC/server and execute it-> go to Display tab to see detailed info. Image below is a typical sample of lagging issue on a server:


Update 2015/04/27:

We’re working on a potential solution to the issue of extremely slow Splashtop performance when there is less then 256MB of video RAM available on the target (Streamer) machine. In the past, one workaround to this issue has been to turn off hardware acceleration on the target machine. But we now have a new workaround in early beta which does not require turning off hardware acceleration. We’d love to get some help testing it out to see if it is a viable solution.

Please send us a note at with your Splashtop account email address and/or best contact email, and we’ll get you the test instructions.



If you run into any issues with this solution, please let us know and file a support ticket.

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