Why does SOS not run on a customer's computer?


Having problems getting to "sos.splashtop.com" site because the browser searches the address instead of going there? Try using these other web addresses:

  1. Full path: http://sos.splashtop.com
  2. www.splashtop.com/sos-download, full path http://www.splashtop.com/sos-download
  3. Direct download links: 



After downloading, cannot run the "SplashtopSOS.exe" file - does nothing?

  1. Sometimes Windows blocks downloaded files from running.  Right-click on SplashtopSOS.exe file and choose Properties.  Then click on "Unblock" in the General tab.

  2. In one or two cases, you may need to enable "Compatibility" mode.  Right-click on SplashtopSOS.exe file and choose Properties.  Then click on Compatibility tab and enable Compatibility for your OS version.

Running the SplashtopSOS.exe causes the window to "flash"?  It opens and closes continuously?  If you have Malwarebytes, it may be blocking the execution of the program.  Please see this article to report to Malwarebytes and then add to the ignore list.

Malwarebytes false positive

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    Still doesn't work on a Terminal Server session :( "Cannot initialise video bla").. Pitty there is no Linux Business app as well...

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    Are you running the SOS app or the Splashtop Business app inside a RDP session?

    SOS app should work fine. Splashtop Business app does require DirectX:

    Splashtop Business app is also available as a Chrome app, which can work in Chrome browser on Linux. Although unfortunately Google is in the process of deprecating Chrome apps in the coming year.


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    Brian Murphy

    splashtopsos.exe will not run on my customer's computer, and these tips did not help.

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    Robert Barkoski

    I'm having the same issue with an HP Spectre, Windows 10. Tried as Admin, no unblock option available. Client downloads sos, runs it, hits yes to allow changes, then they get the "loading" screen and NOTHING happens. Also tried with and without AV. Can't troubleshoot anymore because it is stressful for the client and that is no good.