Can I reboot and reconnect to the computer with SOS?


Starting with version, you can connect in with SOS and start a reboot and get reconnected after the computer starts back up.



  1. Connect to a computer with SOS
  2. From the toolbar, click on the Settings icon and you will find "Normal Reboot" and "Safe Reboot" options.  Screen_Shot_2018-05-04_at_4.10.50_PM.png
  3. Enter a valid administrator credential for the remote computer.  Screenshot_2018-05-01_16.01.03.png
  4. SOS does setup to reconnect after a reboot, then reboots the remote computer.  Screen_Shot_2018-05-01_at_12.44.43_PM.png
  5. Once the computer is back up, you are reconnected.
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