Can I reboot and reconnect to the computer with SOS?


Starting with version, you can connect in with SOS and start a reboot and get reconnected after the computer starts back up.



  1. Connect to a computer with SOS
  2. From the toolbar, click on the Settings icon and you will find "Normal Reboot" and "Safe Reboot" options.  Screen_Shot_2018-05-04_at_4.10.50_PM.png
  3. Enter a valid administrator credential for the remote computer.  Screenshot_2018-05-01_16.01.03.png
  4. SOS does setup to reconnect after a reboot, then reboots the remote computer.  Screen_Shot_2018-05-01_at_12.44.43_PM.png
  5. Once the computer is back up, you are reconnected.
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    Jim Sutton

    I see this reboot method works with attended sessions but we do not see the reboot options inside the session when using an unattended session. Is this by design or will this get fixed?

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    For unattended sessions, there's reboot option within the Splashtop Business app. In the main app window (with the list of computers), click on gear icon of the desired computer, then you'll see normal/safe mode reboot. Does that work for you?

    We may add reboot to the in-session toolbar for unattended at a later point, just for slightly quicker access. Haven't quite decided.

    For attended, there's no computer list, so the reboot has to be in the in-session toolbar. Because the SOS app does not persist across reboot (unlike the unattended streamer), there has to be some special handshaking to achieve reboot-and-reconnect. This special handshaking is not needed for unattended streamer, since that runs as a service.


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    It say's that my subscription does not support this. What am I missing?

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    @remotehelp2, this feature is available on the SOS with Mobile service or SOS with computer service.

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    Klaus Rehfeld

    How exactly is automatic reconnection supposed to work when using Splashtop Business for macOS (v3.2.6.0) on the controlling end and Splashtop SOS for Windows (v3.2.8.0) on the controlled end when the (administrator) user account on the controlled computer has no password? Most of my clients do not have a password on their user accounts.


    PS: I do have a current Splashtop On-Demand Support Plus subscription.

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