TalkTalk blocking Splashtop


TalkTalk ISP tries to protect their customers from scams by blocking all remote access software.  

Splashtop reached out to TalkTalk to not be blocked by default, but there are no plans to unblock Splashtop.

To allow Splashtop connectivity via TalkTalk, you will need to disable the Homesafe scam protection.


In some cases, the router DNS may be set to TalkTalk DNS servers.  It appears their DNS servers may also be blocking Splashtop name address resolution.  If the you still see problems using Splashtop with TalkTalk after disabling the Homesafe, please check the DNS setting and try using Google DNS servers(, instead.  --Thanks to Billy

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    I have now seen this issue on 2 customers PC's.

    The one today I had to get TalkTalk to disable the Homesafe Scam Protection as you state.

    However this did allow me to access the splashtop website ( and also teamviewer website) to download and install/update the software.

    However both the SOS and Streamers app lose their connection after about 5 seconds so cannot connect to the PC remotely even though it is showing as online in my app??

    I had this disconnecting issue with another customer as well who is on TalkTalk, so it would appear as though disabling the Homesafe Scam Protection doesn't resolve this issue??

    It would look to me as though TalkTalk are blocking the connection the splashtop servers regardless of whether the Scam Protection is on or off??

    Interestingly teamviewer works ok!

    Has anyone else had this issue??