The screen recording feature allows you to record your Splashtop remote sessions. The recordings are saved on the local computers (the ones running the Splashtop Business app) and can be used for training or auditing purposes.


  1. Splashtop Business app v3.3.0.0 or later
  2. Windows 7+ or macOS 10.10 on the computer running the Splashtop Business app
  3. Supported Splashtop subscription
    • Business Access (Pro)
    • Remote Support (Plus or Premium)
    • Splashtop On-Demand Support (basic SOS, SOS+10, or SOS+Unlimited)


  1. Connect to the remote computer
  2. Click on the record button non-recording_toolbar.png
  3. Do what you need to do
  4. Click on the stop record button recording_toolbar.png
  5. Video file is stored on local computer, Splashtop Business (purple icon) side.


  1. Open Business app: File->Options->Advanced, then enable "Start recording automatically..." Options.png
  2. Make and use remote connections
  3. Video file is stored on local computer, Splashtop Business (purple icon) side.

How It Works Details

  • Video files on the local computer with the Business app:
    • Windows: Documents/Splashtop Business
    • Mac: Documents/Splashtop Business
  • Audio is not saved in the video at this time
  • To include the cursor in the video, enable Remote Cursor option.
  • Older computers (prior to 2012) may have performance issues with this recording feature.
    • Try enabling "Use alternative rendering engine." (Business app: File->Options->AdvancedOptions.png


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