How to realign your mouse cursor with your remote computer

When you are connected to a computer in a remote session, the mouse cursor may not be perfectly aligned with the remote computer. If so, there could be a cursor offset and clicking in the remote session may not click on the correct part of the screen. This could be due to a ratio issue between the resolutions of the local and remote computer.


1. Please enable the "Show Remote Cursor" option to see if the remote mouse cursor is aligned with the local mouse cursor. Please click on the Eye icon in the toolbar at the top of the screen when you are in a remote session, then click the "Show Remote Cursor" button. We suggest to move the cursor around in the remote session and check for a cursor offset.





2. If the local cursor is not perfectly aligned with the remote cursor, please adjust to another option in the Screen capturing options in the streamer settings to see if there is any improvement. Please open the streamer, click the "Advanced" tab, scroll down and select another screen capturing option for the streamer. After, make sure to disconnect and reconnect after making the change. (Follow the appropriate link to see Screen Capturing options for your Operating System: Windows | Mac

If this does not resolve the issue, please try adjusting to each of the available screen capturing options to see if there is any improvement (making sure to disconnect and reconnect after making the change).

3. Please try rebooting either end or both computers.

4. If the issue still occurs, please try changing the resolution in the business app settings to see if there is any improvement (follow the link to see how to change the resolution) Also, it is important to mention you would have to disconnect and reconnect to the computer after making the change. 

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